The Number4 Group is a responsible and forward-thinking organisation. We take seriously our corporate social responsibility (CSR), in order to operate an ethically conscious, sustainable business over the long term.

Not only does this mindset influence our culture but is also evident through our approach to our five core agendas that we have implemented.





Small change can make a big difference

The Number4 Group takes the existential threat of climate change seriously and is committed to aligning our business activities accordingly. We are able to demonstrate this approach through our Green Agenda and have been able to show that this approach does not only support the environment but benefits our business via internal efficiency savings.

Our Green agenda aims to:

Internally raise awareness of the environmental impact of our business activities

Identify and implement environmentally sustainable operating procedures

Increase efficiencies throughout the business by reducing our energy consumption and waste

Utilise renewable energy throughout our business activities, wherever possible

Implement our Digital Agenda

Organically develop through smarter more sustainable strategies

This agenda has been designed in line with our ethical and sustainable ethos and demonstrates how small changes can make a big difference



Reducing carbon consumption

Our Digital Agenda is a direct biproduct of our Green Agenda and has been born through an awareness of our desire to operate in a more sustainable and efficient way. We are committed to implementing digital platforms throughout all aspects of our business activities which reduces carbon consumption (in connection with our Carbon Negative Agenda), drives productivity, embeds processes, and increases communication with the ultimate goal of becoming paperless.



The best iteration of ourselves

Since our incorporation in 2010, we have operated with an open-door policy and an enthusiasm to learn from leaders within our fields. Together with the ability to engage in seminars given by the academics and intellectuals of modern-day business theory, through the medium of online platforms, we have been able to develop our internal culture in way that nurtures support, productivity and purpose across everything that we do.

This has also led to a longer-term approach to our strategic decision-making process, meaning that we are not fixated on our competition nor do we prioritise quick wins. Rather, we recognise the only way to create, operate and sustain our business over the long term is to understand our environment, our purpose and concentrate on becoming the best iteration of ourselves.



Removing more carbon

As a natural progression from our ethical and sustainable ethos, we have recognised that it is not good enough for our business to just limit our carbon footprint. Therefore, we are committed, through our Carbon Negative Agenda, to removing more carbon from the environment than our business activities produce.

This is essential from not only an ethical position but also from a purely commercial perspective. A simple example of this is that we need our teams to be able to operate within our business without the impediment of climate change.  



Serving the community

Our ethos is also demonstrated by the support we have been able to offer to charitable organisations across the UK by committing both our own time and efforts in a voluntary capacity as well as generating financial contributions to their good causes. The success of our voluntary efforts has given rise to our ability to develop our efforts in a more focused way through our social enterprise which we have called 4 Society.

Those good causes range from local activities such as Challenge for Halle-Rose, ACT “Lincoln to Madrid” bike ride and under 10’s football clubs through to National organisations such as Macmillan fun runs and the ability to support Oxfam

4 Society is now ready to increase our voluntary activity across the country and we relish the opportunities to serve the community ahead.

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