We are proud to have grown our business model so that it is focused upon both the business needs of our clients and based upon the equality, ethics and results of our founders.


AN Innovative &


Underpinned by an ethical attitude

Our commitment to a business model that is under-pinned by strong ethical, environmental and equality policies reflects the young fresh company that we are, the evolving markets that we operate in, the legislative framework that surrounds us, and the best solutions for our clients. Our approach is based upon regular feedback, evaluation of our results, and shows that our clients see the benefits of working with us in terms of increasing performance, productivity and outcomes.



With our people

Building on an entrepreneurial spirit in the early years, The Number4 Group continued to grow both in terms of headcount and market coverage and sustains the success it had in the early days, through working in partnership with some prestigious organisations across the United Kingdom.

Key to this was – and still is – employing people who fully understand the markets and cultures we operate in; we appreciate the value that individuals bring to our business and we ensure this is embedded within the DNA of the services we provide.



Through commitment

As a forward-thinking organisation, we also recognise that it is our duty to give back to our society and as such, take seriously our corporate responsibility to operate as a sustainable business over the long term. We can demonstrate this through our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility as identified below.

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