2010 saw the original incorporation of The Number4 Group – a family built and run organisation that came from modest beginnings, due to working with minimal funding in the midst of the “Great Recession”. 

Thanks to determination, hard work, and commitment to providing stakeholders with the bespoke solutions to meet their requirements, N4G has enjoyed impressive growth and success, expanding our market coverage and working in close partnership with some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations. 

These are the very same principles that we continue to adhere to and they remain the driving force behind our business to this very day. 


AN Innovative &


Our Business Approach

We’re extremely proud that we have grown and developed our business model around three key principles – an understanding of market dynamics enabling us to provide unique and innovative business solutions, determination and a unwavering focus to our clients needs. 

We are committed to our tried and trusted business model that is further underpinned by strong equality, ethical and environmental policies that reflect the current legislative framework in which our stakeholders operate in. 

We take an approach that is centred around regular feedback and evaluation of the results that we achieve, and we believe that it is this attitude to business that enables us to bring positive benefits to our clients in terms of improved outcomes, higher productivity, and increased performance. 



Our Culture And Commitment To Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe firmly that the key to our success lies in employing people who have an in-depth understanding of the cultures and markets within which we operate. We are highly appreciative of the great value that each individual who works with us brings to the company, and we are dedicated to embedding this within the very DNA of the services that we provide. 

We take pride in being a forward-thinking organisation with a duty to give back to society as much as possible. To this end, we take our corporate responsibility to operate sustainably in the long term extremely seriously and this mindset not only influences our workplace culture, but it also shines through our approach to the four core agendas we implement.

We’ve taken our ethically sustainable ethos to heart, committing ourselves to creating a highly progressive ecosystem that allows our teams to succeed and thrive while also having a positive impact on the communities that we serve.



Through commitment

As a forward-thinking organisation, we also recognise that it is our duty to give back to our society and as such, take seriously our corporate responsibility to operate as a sustainable business over the long term. We can demonstrate this through our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility as identified below.

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