Covid 19 certainly escalated our plan to look at a virtual learning system, as a business we’d talked about it previously but it was always something that we’d look at soon…….well soon became now rather unexpectedly and here we are, off and running.

It was vitally important to us that we find the right system for the learners that would be using it, not the system that was easier to manage or the system that everyone else was using. Our key priority was to ensure that the system we chose supported every learner irrespective of where they sat in the socio-economic scale.  In fact we weren’t interested in making it fit the learners who had access to every available resource we wanted to make our system support those learners who we knew might not have a raft of platforms to access digital learning. 

We sifted through countless systems and sat on numerous demo sessions to find what we thought was the best system out there, one that would be fully functional on just a smart phone, and we were off!

The team worked hard throughout July to get the system fully functioning, making the qualifications as accessible as possible whilst creating a whole suite of new qualifications so that we can support even more learners.

As always, we don’t stand still, we’re currently planning what next and how to make what we have even more engaging.  We are listening to the people using the system and using their feedback to develop it moving forward…………. watch this space!

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